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101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started

Metal Detecting for Beginners front cover

Sweet Myrrh Books LogoRetail: $7.95
Paperback: 108 pages, 5″x8″
ISBN: 978-0-9771329-8-0
Published by Sweet Myrrh Books, an imprint of Word Forge Books

by M. A. Shafer



Want to start hunting without a long learning curve?

This Quickstart Guide will have you out in the field and hunting productively in just a few hours!

This isn’t an exhaustive guide to everything you’ll ever want to know about metal detecting. It’s not a complete course in treasure hunting. It’s a quick read from author M.A. Shafer, a detectorist who’s been swinging a machine long enough to know how to do it successfully, but who hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to be just beginning and needing a place to start smart.

You know you’re just itching to get your detector out in the field to find all kinds of cool stuff, but who wants to wade through a thick book or watch a hundred videos first? If you have a detector and a few simple accessories, you can start reading this handy little Quickstart Guide while you eat breakfast, and be digging your first target before lunch! Then use the resources provided to learn how to identify your finds. If you don’t already have a detector, this guide will help you know what to look for a buy smart.

A Foreword by popular veteran metal detectorist D.J. Yost of sets the stage for this QuickStart Guide. Everything you need to get out there for a productive hunt is between these two covers—101 proven tips from the author’s personal experience with the equipment:

  • Finding hunting spots
  • Staying safe, comfortable and legal
  • The metal detecting culture and its people
  • A glossary, so you can speak the language of passionate diggers.
  • Plus Bonus Material: A list of the same resources the author uses to stay current in the hobby!

So lose those newbie blues: Read this QuickStart Guide and get out there in nature, for some great exercise and memorable days of saving history. Happy hunting!

  • Handy 5″ x 8″ pocket size
  • Film laminated cover for extra water resistance and durability
  • 108 pages
  • 10 illustrations
  • Fully indexed

Published by Sweet Myrrh Books, an Imprint of Word Forge Books